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【現役生より】Social Life in NYC

【現役生より】Social Life in NYC

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stern   2009-4-23 13:40
現役生のMBA1, ハワイ出身大親日家のTWさんからStern仲間とのSocial Lifeについての記事が届きました。

Hi all, this is TW from the class of 2010 (i.e. 1st year). Following on RK’s (Class of 2009) post, I want to elaborate on the social life aspect based on my experiences here at Stern and in New York.

As an officer of the Japan Business Association (JBA), JBA has been from the beginning one of my important social networks at Stern and in New York.
JBA not only hosts professional events but also social events such as sake tasting and the weekly beer blast in school. Both members and non-members of JBA, Japanese and non-Japanese, would gather and have fun while experiencing the Japanese culture. In the following weeks, we have also made plans for a soccer game, a small golf tournament, and an alumni mixer event. Stay tuned for the coming posts!

Interactions in JBA are not limited to full-time students. One of Stern’s assets is its part-time student body. Stern has a prominent part-time MBA program where working professionals attend classes at night to complete their MBA study. There are many night classes that are taught and attended by professionals who are practicing experts rather than academics in the field, which makes class discussions more “real life” and up-to-date. Outside of the classroom, we also have many interactions with part-time students especially those in JBA. For example, last Sunday a group of full-time and part-time students in JBA gathered in Chinatown and enjoyed a dim sum lunch at a Chinese restaurant.
Other than JBA, there is a Japanese Student Organization at NYU. This organization spans across NYU through which I have met other Japanese students who are studying in other departments of NYU such as law and music. I find it very interesting to talk to other students who are studying subjects other than business, which widens my horizons and gives me opportunities to learn more about things outside of my comfort zone.

Lastly, I am taking advantage of Stern’s New York location and expanding my social network to neighboring business schools and the business community. New York is very well positioned. I can visit friends, attend conferences and competitions in other business schools from Boston to Philadelphia within a few hours of drive or train ride. Moreover, my career interest is in Finance. The close proximity to Wall Street has definitely made it very easy for me to keep in touch with my industry friends.

There are many opportunities at Stern and in New York to enrich your social life. For example, there are many other social and sports clubs at Stern and other organizations in New York where you can meet people who share the same interests. I encourage you to take initiatives and explore the many exciting opportunities here at Stern and in New York.
(Class of 2010, T.W)


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